Corporate Credit Rating

Credit ratings are an important tool for borrowers to gain access to loans and debt. Good credit ratings allow borrowers to easily borrow money from financial institutions or public debt markets. At the consumer level, banks will usually base the terms of a loan as a function of your credit rating, so the better your credit rating, the better the terms of the loan typically are. If your credit rating is poor, the bank may even reject you for a loan.

At the corporate level, it is usually in the best interest of a company to look for a credit rating agency to rate their debt. Investors often times base part of their decision to buy bonds, or even the stock, on the credit rating of the company's debt.

Major Domestic and International credit agencies,

  • Moody's
  • Standard and Poor's
  • Fitch
  • CARE
  • ICRA

Usually, investors will look at the credit rating given by these international credit rating agencies as well as ratings given by domestic rating agencies before deciding to invest.

To get the Rating, there need to prepare many Documentations, Projections, Financial history, Ratio Analysis of Financial data, Market data. Etc.

We assist our clients all the way to get their Rating done from these agencies with all sort of formalities.

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