BIS Certification Service in India

Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) Compulsory Registration, ISI Mark Certificate, IS, Eco Mark, BEE

  • Compulsory for Household Electrical and Electronic Goods
  • Registration for 2 years with option to Renew after every 2 years
  • Time taken in normal course 30-60 days (Product to product vary)

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Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) at a glance

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the National Standards body of India, functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Government of India. BIS has published more than 20000 Indian Standards (IS) and Priced Publications (PP) to ensure the quality of products, more than 400 new standards and 400 amendments are published.

Many of our everyday Electronics, It Goods, Steels, Electrical Appliances, Kitchen Accessories and Appliances, etc.  are ISI marked and is considered a mandate in India.

The Product Certification Scheme of BIS ( ISI Mark) aims at providing third-party guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the ultimate customer.

Voluntary Certification :- Any manufacturer who feels confident enough that his product has the ability to meet the BIS standard can apply for product certification

Mandatory Certification :- Which is also known as Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS).  While product certification is otherwise voluntary, the Government of India, on considerations of public health and safety, security, infrastructure requirements and mass consumption has enforced mandatory certification on various products through Orders issued from time to time under various Acts.

BIS Serves for below Licenses :-

  •     Grant of License for Product Certification (ISI Mark).  
  •     Hallmarking.
  •     Management System Certification (MSCD).
  •     Foreign Manufacture Scheme.

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Benefits of ISI Mark or BIS Certification

Quality & Safety Trust
ISI mark on the product provides new thrust to standardization, quality control, safety and reliability of the product for the consumers of India as well as globally.
Distinguishes from Low quality Products
The foremost benefits of this certification is establishes the standardisation of quality of the products. ISI Mark products itself distinguish the good products from low quality ones.
Product Replacement Guarantee
In the case of the product not meeting the standards of certification, the manufacturer becomes liable to replace the product with new product in return to it. This ensures that the buyers get quality for the price they pay.
Ensure Products already tested
The quality and standards of products with ISI mark are set up as this mark is issued after proper investigation.

Documents requirement for ISI Registration

  1. Certificate of Incorporation / Business Registration Certificate as proof of address
  2. Trademark Certificate / Trademark Application ( if applied) as proof of Product Brand name
  3. Authority letter from CEO/Directors (If application is not signed by the CEO) ( Applicant can be an Employee if authorised)
  4. An Affidavit cum Undertaking - Format A/ Format B (for Foreign manufacturer) ( from Authorised Indian Representatives of applicants located outside India)
  5. An Affidavit cum Undertaking - Format C (for applicants located in India)
  6. Test Report of the Product
  7. Details of Fee Payment ( DD with Photo with of DD or NEFT Details)
  8. FORM VI which is Online generated copy (duly signed and sealed by applicant)
  9. Copy of acknowledgement received from portal/ Screen shot of the online file submission

Who can apply ISI Certification for Products in India

  1. Manufacturers of any of products as notified in the Order issued by MietY and MNRE, located in India or outside India can apply for grant of Registration under Compulsory Registration Scheme(CRS).
  2. Manufacturers have to apply for separate Registration number for products being manufactured at different locations.
  3. Manufacturers have to apply for separate Registration number for each brand being manufactured at the same location.

Our Professional Fees

New Application

Validity 2 years with renewal option

Customise Fee

Renewal of Application

Renewal in every 2 years

Customise Fee

Govt. fees such as Application Fees, Procession Fees, Marking fee, Lab Testing, Plant Inspection charges, Additional Test Report Charges, Departmental expenses, reimbursement of expenses, etc. payable on actual and not included in above professional Fees.

Our Service Package Inclusion for ISI Registration or BIS Certification

Our Consultant first give on call consultation about the Process of Registration with BIS, Guidelines and Documents requirement.
We prepare your complete relevant documents in coordination with you.
Registration and Application Filing
Our Consultant take the Registration of Company with BIS and Prepare your online application and co-ordinate with you for all the relevant data.
Product Testing Assistance
On demand, we assist you to get your product tested from labs recognised by BIS.
Followup with Authority
We do update and followup with authority time to time to get the Registration done without any delay.
We solve any Query raised by the Authority on time
Update the Registration Approval to client along with registration Letter.

ISI Certification Application filing Process with Bureau of Indian Standards

Registration on BIS
First Step is Online Manufacturer Registration; fillup the form with relevant information and upload business address proof. Create your User ID and Password.
Get Registration Confirmation in send on registered email id and Verify the by clicking on the link.
BIS Certification Service in India
Login into the portal using the login-id and password you submitted during registration
BIS Certification Service in India
Fill-up Application Form & Pay Fees
Kindly click the "Apply for Product Registration" link present in the menu to proceed towards filling of "FORM VI" and "FORM VII" along with required documents.
Pay Govt Fees by DD or NEFT
BIS Certification Service in India
Physical Submission
Hard copies of application to be submitted within 15 days of online submission of the application. In case of non-receipt of hard copies of application within fifteen days of online submission, the application wil be treated as closed.
BIS Certification Service in India
Application Scrutiny & Comply
BIS will scrutinise the applications. All queries on the application will be raised by BIS online and have to be replied by applicants online.
The shortcomings communicated have to be complied by the applicant without any delay.
BIS Certification Service in India
Grant of Registration
Once query is satisfactorily resolved and affidavit cum undertaking has been submitted, Registration is granted by BIS.
Registration is initially granted for 2 years which has to be renewed after every 2 years.

Know More about Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) / ISI

Govt. Fees Structure for ISI certification

Product Certification Scheme of BIS

Products are covered under Mandatory Registration and Compulsory Registration Scheme

What are the Management System Certification can be taken from BIS?

IS/ISO 9001
Quality Management System
IS/ISO 14001
Environmental Management System
IS/ISO 22000
Food Safety Management System
IS/ISO 50001
Energy Management System
IS 18001
Occupational Health & Safety Management System
IS 15700
Service Quality Management system
IS 15000
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
IS/ISO 13485
Medical Device Management System
IS/ISO 16001
Social Accountability at Workplace
Integrated Management Systems
BIS Certification Service in India
    • Our Consultants possess deep exposure in Rules and Regulations of Bureau of Indian Standards. FinTax Consultant’s service is hassle free. Starts from documents preparation, application filing to get the Registration Certificate issued smoothly from the Authority, FinTax Consultants serve you at all the step of Registration Process and Testing of the products and Renewal of Registration.
    • Yes.
    • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) allot ISI Mark.
    • 2 Years validity subject to Renew every 2 years.
    • Yes. Any manufacturer who feels confident enough that his product has the ability to meet the BIS standard can apply for product certification.
    • Yes. Available on portal of BIS.
    • Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) has notified "Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012" on 3 Oct 2012 for fifteen categories of electronics products. Another 15 product categories were added by MeitY under this order on 13 Nov 2014.

      Indian language support for Mobile Phones was notified on 24 October 2016 by MeitY.

      MeitY has further added 13 product categories through notification dated 23 August 2017.

      Ministry of New and Renewal Energy(MNRE) has notified Solar Photovoltaics, Systems,Devices and Components Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2017 for 6 products through notification dated 05 September 2017.

      List of product categories can be checked above on this page.
    • The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has a full-fledged Consumer Affairs Department functioning at its HQ in New Delhi with Public Grievance Officers at all its Regional and Branch Offices to provide consumers with prompt attention and speedy redressal of their grievances/complaints.

      Grievance/Complaint can be lodged regarding BIS certified products under various schemes or Services rendered by BIS, in the following manner:
      - Through Online Complaint Registration on BIS website.
      - personally contacting/writing to Public Grievance officer of the nearest Regional/ Branch office of BIS or directly to the Head (Consumer Affairs Department).

      Complaint can be lodged on the following:
      a) Quality of BIS certified product.
      b) Products under Registration Scheme.
      c) Hallmarked products.
      d) Services of BIS such as Sales, Library, Technical Information Services and General Services etc.
      e) Activities of BIS such as Standard Formulation, Product and Management SystemsCertification,Laboratory testing etc.
      f) Unauthorised use of BIS Standard Mark by licensees/applicants/others.
      g) Irregularities in operation and misuse of license by BIS licensees.
      h) False/misleading advertisements and claims by licensees / applicants/non-licensees.
      i) Delays in grant/renewal of licenses and delays in inclusion of additional varieties.
      j) The services rendered by BIS officers and employees.
    • > Bureau of Indian Standards has been operating Management Systems Certification Scheme since 1991 under BIS Act, 1986 and Rules & Regulations framed there under.

      > Initially, BIS started the scheme with Quality Management System Certification (IS/ISO 9001) and over the years it has gradually expanded its activities to various other Management Systems.

      > NABCB, QCI has accredited Quality Management System Certification Schemes and Environmental Management System Certification Schemes of BIS.

      > The Management Systems Certification Department at HQS New Delhi is the policy making department which also coordinates the Systems Certification activities from the country in a uniform and impartial manner as per ISO/IEC 17021.

      > The Management Systems Certification activities is de-centralized to its five regional offices: the central region located in Delhi, the eastern region located in Kolkata, the northern region located in Chandigarh, the southern region located in Chennai and the western region located in Mumbai. The Deputy Director General (Region) is the granting, renewing and cancellation authority of the licence and this activity is coordinated by the Management Systems Certification Officer of the region.

      Features of Management Systems Certification Scheme:-

      > BIS is the only organization in India which operates Management Systems Certification Scheme under an Act of Parliament.

      > BIS is the National Standards Body (NSB) of India and represents the country in the international forum on standardization including International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

      > Being member of ISO, BIS takes part in the deliberations of the Technical Committee such as ISO/TC 176 and ISO/TC 207 responsible for formulation of ISO 9000 series of standards and 14000 series.

      > ISO is not operating any certification scheme. However, it has compiled a directory of certification bodies world over and as expected, the name of BIS is included in the directory.

      > BIS has large resources of auditors & experts throughout the country leading to more economic operation of certifications scheme.

      > BIS has a wide network of regional offices and branch offices for providing timely and efficient and economical service.

      > BIS is a non-profit organisation and hence certification services are very cost effective.
    • Bureau of Indian standards have a well qualified and trained pool of auditors. These technically competent people with relevant experience and sector expertise help you improve quality of product/services thereby increasing your market share. The QMS and EMS Certification is accredited from NABCB for variors scope of sectors.
    • FMCS is a scheme under which BIS licence is granted to a foreign manufacturer in accordance with the BIS Act, 1986 and Regulation 3 and 4 of the BIS (Certification) Regulations, 1987.

      The licence is granted for the products which conform to relevant Indian Standards.

      The standards may be under mandatory or voluntary certification. Click here to locate your standards.Click here for list of items under mandatory certification.

      The BIS licence is granted for a location where the product is manufactured and tested as per relevant Indian Standard(s) and Standard Mark is applied on the product conforming to such Indian Standard(s).

      > Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been operating a Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS) since the year 2000 under BIS Act, 1986 and Rules & Regulations framed there under.

      > Under FMCS, licence is granted to a Foreign Manufacturer for use of Standard Mark on a product that conforms to an Indian Standard.

      > The Scheme is applicable for grant of licence for all products except Electronics & IT Goods notified by DeitY .

      > The licence is granted by Foreign Manufacturers Certification Department (FMCD) located at BIS Headquarters, New Delhi.
    • Yes. All ISI marked products displayed online on BIS portal.
    • normally takes 20-45 days.
    • 90 days.
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