TradeMark Objection or Response against Examination Report

We prepare and file your TM objection Reply

  • TradeMark Objection Reply to be filed within 30 days. 
  • Reply with Legal validity and Provisions
  • It takes 2 workings days to file a Reply
  • Our Fee Rs 3500/- plus GST

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Why Registrar raise TradeMark Objection in most cases?

A trademark is a logo, brand, name or slogan/tagline, or a combination of both that represents your business brand’s identity. Very often, during the trademark registration process, Trademark Registrar raises objections during the examination of your filed Trademark application. Registrar raises objection due to several reasons like your applied TM is similarity or identical with an existing trademark; offensive to a particular religion; absence of a distinct design; etc. 
Therefore, When you received an communication from Registrar of Trademark office that your Applied TM is open to Objection with ground(s) of the objection, you herein get an option to response ( File a Reply with your contention) against the said Objection within 30 days from the date of receipt of Communication letter. Objection Letter department send on email. If NO response filed within the time limit, your application will get abandoned.   

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Why it is important to File Reply against TM Objection in Examination Report?

  1. Your Trademark Application will be saved from being abandoned or rejected, and be considered for further processing
  2. Even if Registrar not satisfied with your Reply, he will not reject your TM Application straight forward. You get an opportunity for personal hearing before Registrar and present your contentions. Here you can hire a good IPR consultant to appear on your behalf for better result.
  3. When your reply clarify the uniqueness of the your mark and/or differentiate from other earlier marks, the possibility of it getting registered becomes high.

Requirement to File Trademark Objection

  1. Trademark application acknowledgement copy
  2. Trademark application Form
  3. Examination Report
  4. Documentary proof of Trademark in commercial use ( if any)
  5. Authorisation letter ( if hired a TM Agent)

Our Professional Fee

TM Objection Reply

Professionally drafted legal reply preparation and filing

Rs. 3500

How we assist you here?

  • Consultation Step 1 -> Connect to our IPR consultant and get on call consultation to clear your all doubts and questions in mind.
  • Supply Details Step 2: Provide your TM Acknowledgement receipt, Examination Report, Affidavit, etc. as advised by consultant.
  • File Reply We file Reply within 2 days of receipt of your details and fee.
  • Status Report? Generally it takes 2-3 months time to know updated status of the reply filed. Status can be check at TM Govt Portal with the help of TM Application no. AND we also let you know the status time to time.

What are the Common Reason of TM Objection

Genrally Department or the Registrar herein, may raise his concern after examination of your TM application and communication his remarks in the form of SCN ( Show Cause Reason) if there is anything which make yours your application liable for rejection.  Few common reasons are - 

  • Identical or Similar to already registered TM
  • Absence of unique signs and terms
  • Official and Patriotic resemblances-like flag or emblem
  • Usage of scandalous or offensive words

Lifecycle of Trademark Application


TradeMark Objection or Response against Examination Report
    • There is 50:50 changes. Depends on ground of objection raised by registrar. However Registrar do not reject straight forward after getting reply. If still not satisfied, you'll get a communication for Hearing to attend and explain before Registrar.
    • normally 2-3 months.
    • Submit online or send on Email. Online Submission of best option always
TradeMark Objection or Response against Examination Report
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