Certification & Valuation - Share Valuation


Is there any statutory due date to comply within the time bound manner?

Documents Requirements for Share Valuation

1) Investors PAN card and any ID/Address Proof, 2) bank Statement for proof of Share Application money received, 3) Past Audited Financial Statement and Current upto date, 4) Financial Projections (if any), 5) MOA and AOA, 6) Certificate of Incorporation and PAN card of the company

Some Important points to note here

1) Investment made from Indian Bank a/c or Foreign Fund? 2) Indian Investors or Foreign Citizen?, 3) Shareholders terms sheet (if any), 4) Financial Projections (if any), 5) Basis of Investment made? 6) % of Share capital allotment to new investors? and basis of determination?, 7) Shareholding pattern ( pre and post investment), 8) Company is Startup India recognised?
TO NOTE: Shares to allot within 60 days of application money received into bank a/c and file PAS -3 form along with Valuation report (if share issued at premium). Else penalty apply per month of delay period.

Compliance Cost

Our Professional Fee?
Rs. 50000

Other Expenses (If any)

Govt. Fee?
Legal Expenses?
Stamp duty?
Departmental Expenses?
Other Expenses?
(Travelling expenses to be bear by client if required.)

Task Completion time line
10 days.

Our Service Coverage
Valuation report from IBBI Registered Valuer.

Is CA/CMA/CS Certification Required ?