Income Tax - ITR-I Filing (Capital Gain case)


Is there any statutory due date to comply within the time bound manner?

How frequently need to comply?

Due date for Compliance

Consequences of Non Compliance and/or delay Compliance

Effective from the financial year 2017-18, a late filing fee will be applicable for filing your returns after the due date i.e. 31 July 2019 under section 234F. The maximum penalty is Rs. 10,000.
If you file your ITR after the due date (31 July) but before 31 December, a penalty of Rs 5000 will be levied. For returns filed later than 31 December 2019, the penalty levied will be increased to Rs.10,000. There is a relief given to small taxpayers – the IT department has stated that if the total income does not exceed Rs 5 lakh, the maximum penalty levied for delay will be Rs 1000.

Compliance Cost

Our Professional Fee?
Rs. 3000

Other Expenses (If any)

Govt. Fee?
Legal Expenses?
Stamp duty?
Departmental Expenses?
Other Expenses?

Is CA/CMA/CS Certification Required ?
Not Applicable