Income Tax - TDS Return Filling


Is there any statutory due date to comply within the time bound manner?

How frequently need to comply?

Due date for Compliance

Consequences of Non Compliance and/or delay Compliance

As per Section 234E, a late fine of INR. 200 per day has to be paid to the Income Tax Department in case of late filing of TDS/TCS return and the fine will be levied for every single day of delay until the late payment charges become equal to the amount of TDS and not more than that.

Let’s understand it through an example. Suppose you have to pay a TDS amount of INR 5000 on 1st March, but you pay the TDS amount on 30th June, then the total amount of penalty will be calculated as INR 200 X 122 days = INR 24,400.

Compliance Cost

Our Professional Fee?
Rs. 5000

Other Expenses (If any)

Govt. Fee?
Legal Expenses?
Stamp duty?
Departmental Expenses?
Other Expenses?

Is CA/CMA/CS Certification Required ?
Not Applicable