Registrations & Licenses - Shop & Establishment Registration (New)


Is there any statutory due date to comply within the time bound manner?

Some Important points to note here

2) Office Premises located on Commercial area.
3) To apply for TL within the due date. Due date start from the date of business started on the said premises. Due date varies State to state. generally 30 days period apply.

Compliance Cost

Our Professional Fee?
Rs. 8000

Other Expenses (If any)

Govt. Fee?
(Govt Fee Varies Authority to Authority state wise. In few state Govt. fee is NIL)
Legal Expenses?
Stamp duty?
Departmental Expenses?
Other Expenses?

Task Completion time line
1-10 days

Our Service Coverage
Registration Certificate

Is CA/CMA/CS Certification Required ?
Not Applicable