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GST Law* : GST Law comprising (i) Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 including Central Goods and Services Tax (Extension to Jammu and Kashmir) Act, 2017, (ii) State Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 as notified by respective States, (iii) Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017, (iv) Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 including Integrated Goods and Services Tax (Extension to Jammu and Kashmir Act, 2017), (v) Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Act, 2017 (hereinafter referred as CGST, SGST, UTGST, IGST and CESS respectively at the GST portal) and (vi) Rules, Notifications, Amendments and Circulars issued under the respective Acts.

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Filing GSTR-3B Nil Return

‘Nil’ return may be filed by you for a particular tax period, if you have not made any outward supply (commonly known as sale) and have NOT received any inward supply (commonly known as purchase) of any goods/ services and do not have any tax liability for that particular tax period.

To file Form GSTR-3B Nil return, perform the following steps:

Login and Navigate to Form GSTR-3B – Monthly Return page

Preview Draft Form GSTR-3B

File Form GSTR-3B

Download Filed Return

GST Return | GST Assessment | GST Audit - FinTax GST Services in Yadgir, Karnataka

Use of e-Way Bill

  • e-Way Bill is mandatory for Inter-State movement of goods of consignment value exceeding Rs.50,000/- in motorized conveyance.

  • Registered GST Taxpayers can register in the e-Way Bill Portal using GSTIN.

  • Unregistered Persons/ Transporters can enroll in the e-Way Bill System by providing their PAN and Aadhaar.

  • Supplier/ Recipient/ Transporter can generate the e-Way Bill.

  • Vehicle number can be entered/updated in PART - B of Form EWB - 01 by those who have generated the e-Way Bill or by the Transporter.

  • QR code is provided in the e-Way Bill to facilitate quick verification.

  • Certain goods have been exempted from e-Way Bill and the list is available as Annexure to Rule 138 of CGST Rules. e-Way Bill is not required for transport through non-motorized conveyance.

Modes of e-way Bill Generation

1) Various Modes of Generating e-Way Bill a) Web (Online)

            b) Android App - The IMEI of the phone and the registered mobile number has to be given.

            c) SMS based (through registered Mobile Number).

            d) Excel based upload is provided for bulk generation.

2) If the e-Way Bill is generated with wrong information it can be cancelled and new e-Way Bill can be generated.

3) Provision for Cancellation of e-Way Bill within 24 hours by the person who have generated the e-Way Bill.

4) The Recipient can reject the e-Way Bill within 72 hours of generation.

5) Alert messages are also issued to the Users through Online and SMS.

Contents, validity of e-Way Bill

  • Contents of PART - A of the Form EWB - 01 can't be edited or modified once generated. PART - B can be updated with Vehicle details/ RR/Airway Bill etc.

  • Consolidated e-Way Bill can be generated for vehicle carrying multiple consignments.

  • The Validity of e-Way Bill is fixed as one day for every 100 Kms or part thereof. The validity can be extended online before the expiry.

  • The e-Way Bill with consignment should have the latest vehicle number which is carrying the said consignment.

  • The Users can create their own masters like the list of Customers, Suppliers, Products, and HSN etc.

  • For detailed User Manual, FAQs, CBT, and Legal Provision on e-Way Bill.

GST E-way Bill | GST Accounting | GST Advisory - FinTax GST Services in Yadgir, Karnataka

How to import invoice-details, declared in e-Way Bill System, into Form GSTR-1?

To import invoice-details, declared in e-Way Bill System, into Form GSTR-1; perform following steps:
Login at GST Portal, navigate to GSTR-1 page of the selected tax period and generate GSTR-1 Summary
Import invoices, declared in e-Way Bill System, into the following tiles of the generated GSTR-1 Summary page: 
4A, 4B, 4C, 6B, 6C - B2B Invoices (To import invoice-details for taxable outward supply transactions between registered taxable entities/persons from e-Way Bill System) 
5A, 5B - B2C (Large) Invoices (To import invoice-details for taxable outward inter-State supply transactions between a Registered Supplier and an Unregistered Buyer, where the invoice value is more than Rs 2.5 lakh, from e-Way Bill System)
6A - Exports Invoices (To import invoice-details for supplies exported, from e-Way Bill System)
7 - B2C Others (To import invoice-details for taxable outwards supplies to a customer where invoice value is less than Rs. 2.5 lakh and all intra state supplies to unregistered customers, from e-Way Bill System)
12 - HSN-wise-summary of Outward Supplies (To download the summarized HSN-wise invoice-details of all outward supplies) 


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