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On-Demand Fuel Delivery - Start in Yadgir, Karnataka

 StartupIndia Recognition

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ONLY STARTUP COMPANY ( recognised by DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce and Industry) are eligible to apply for Door to Door Diesel delivery service.
For your better understanding  please go through under mentioned information. 
Who are Eligible for Startup (DIPP) Recognition?
1. A Private Limited Company, 2) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), 3) One Person Private Limited Company and 4) Registered Partnership firm ( registered with Registrar of Firm)
Provided Turnover not exceeding Rs 100 cr. in any financial year and running business model is innovative, improvement and scope for employment generation.


Step 1 : Company Incorporation (3 - 4 working days) / LLP/Firm takes longer time 7-15 days.

Step 2: Apply for Startup Recognition with DPIIT ( 5 - 10 working days, except Saturday and Sunday)

Step 4: GST Registration ( 5-10 days)

Step 5: Class 3 Organisational Digital Signature for tender Apply Purpose ( 1 day)

Step 6: Participate in Expression of Interest of OMCs (IOCL/HPCL/BPCL, any one or more than 1 at your choice). Here select Supply Location (Depot). Tender fee Rs 11800/- , to be payable to OMC's a/c online. 

Step 7: Will get call/email from OMC Officials. Normally it takes 1-3 months. Participant will be invited to appear before OMC official with All original documents and then follow their instructions to complete the formalities.

 Start: Start operation within 90 days/ or the given timeframe by OCM. here ensure your PESO mobile bowser is ready.   


A. Tender/Registration Fee Rs 11800 & Rs 1 lakh refundable Security Deposit to pay post allotment.

B. Business Investment - Bowser cost roughly 21-25 Lakhs for 3KL to 6KL capacity.

C. Startup Company Setup may costs approx Rs 40,000/- + GST.


CALL US @ +91-7210000745 for Door Step DIESEL DELIVERY (FUELENT) STARTUP Registration

On-Demand Diesel Delivery - Start in Yadgir, Karnataka


Scheme for Door to Door Delivery (DDD) of HSD through Start-ups

The scheme for DDD of HSD is purely a business proposition wherein the Start-ups are expected to themselves assess the business potential and benefits of the scheme prior to making decision for any investment. Following guidelines for engaging Start-ups and further operations are proposed for taking this initiative forward:

1. Start-ups registered with Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MoC&I) on website shall only be considered by OMCs.

2. Such Start-ups shall be called “FuelEnts” (Fuel + Entrepreneurs).

3. Capsule advertisement shall be brought by OMCs, seeking application from the interested Start-ups for registration/enrolment as “FuelEnts”.

4. Registration fees per start up shall be Rs. 10,000 per OMC. (taxes as applicable & non-refundable).

5. Following details are to be mentioned in the application by the applicant:

  • Supply locations of OMC for loading the Mobile Dispenser
  • Number of Mobile Dispensers.

Subsequent to the registration of Start- ups (FuelEnts), provisional Agreement will be signed with eligible Start- ups (FuelEnts), who will be required to put up the Mobile dispensers with all requisite statutory approvals / licences to commence the purchase of the product from OMC. Thereafter, eligible Startups (FuelEnts) will be able to procure HSD directly from supply locations of OMCs, having facility for loading of such Mobile Dispensers. In addition to Supply Locations of OMCs, Start-ups (FuelEnts) may procure HSD from any Retail Outlet of OMCs having facility for loading such Mobile Dispensers as per PESO norms.

6. Interest free refundable Security Deposit (SD) of Rs. 1 lakhs per start up to be submitted by the FuelEnt before signing the agreement. This SD shall be against the violation of any regulatory guidelines and breach of terms and conditions of “FuelEnt” agreement.

7. The Security Deposit will be refunded to the FuelEnt upon completion of the agreement period provided the agreement is not terminated due to violation of any regulatory guidelines or breach of terms and conditions of “FuelEnt” agreement.

8. “FuelEnts” shall be registered with OMCs as a DDD Reseller.

9. FuelEnt agreement shall be executed on completion of the fabrication of Mobile Dispenser and PESO license / statutory licenses(principal to principal agreement).

10. One FuelEnt can have Agreement with multiple OMCs on payment of Application fee & Security Deposit.

11. Agreement shall be for a period of ten years. After successful completion of the period, the agreement can be extended further on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

12. In case of any Q&Q complaint, OMCs shall forward to DSO (District Supply Officer) / State Govt. agency.

13. For smooth and safe operation, SOPs issued by PESO / OMC supply location shall be a part of the agreement.

14. “FuelEnts” to purchase Public Liability Insurance to cover public loss arising out of accidents.

15. Mobile Dispensers should be empty when reporting to the Terminal/Depot for filling. There shall not be any dead stock in Mobile Dispensers when reporting to the Terminal/Depot.

16. OMCs’ responsibility with regard to Quality, Quantity, safety, handling of the product will cease as soon as the Mobile Dispenser leaves the OMC Terminal/Depot premises.

17. FuelEnts’ shall be solely responsible for compliance of PESO / Legal Metrology / MS HSD Control Order / state tax liabilities and any other applicable statutory norms while uplifting and delivering HSD to the customers.

18. Pricing will be decided by OMC as per their own internal policy.

19. All tax liabilities/license fee/statutory payments shall be borne by “FuelEnts.”

20. Sales by Mobile Dispenser is to be made only to those equipments in line with the Petroleum Amendment Rules, 2019 as notified by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas in the Gazette of India : Extraordinary dated 29th May, 2019 vide G.S.R. 384(E).

21. Mobile Dispensers shall be deployed, maintained and operated through trained staff by “FuelEnt” at their own cost. Trained staff should be able to handle safety equipment and handle exigencies.

22. Based on the market information regarding the start-ups network, concentration of industries and potential for door to door delivery of HSD, OMC shall put the facility for loading mobile dispensers at few supply locations to start with depending upon the feasibility at the OMCs Supply locations in line with PESO norms. Further depending on the requirement, facilities would be added in other feasible supply locations. 

23. SOP (by OMCs) for loading of Mobile Dispenser at Supply Location and SOP (by PESO) for loading at Retail Outlet and dispensing at Customer location will be part of this policy document. 



Procedure / SOP for loading of Mobile Dispenser at Supply location

1. Mobile dispenser should have a valid PESO license, pollution license, calibration certificate, Fitness certificate, Hazardous goods endorsement on driver’s license and all other statutory licenses as per MV act.

2. Mobile dispenser should have all the safety fittings as required under the provisions of PESO license and OISD guidelines.

3. Startup vendor to ensure that the mobile dispenser fittings shall be in accordance to the infrastructure i.e. Top or bottom loading, of the location.

4. All the fittings in the mobile dispenser will meet the requirement of Bottom/Top filling as applicable at the loading location.

5. Crew of the mobile dispenser should have :

  • Authorization letter from Startup for upliftment of product.
  • Character and antecedent verification of Crew.
  • Dispenser driver should have Hazardous goods endorsement on the driving license.
  • To meet all other statutory and safety requirements for entry into the premises of loading location.

6. Startup vendor should place indent at loading location in advance, payment terms shall be as per the agreement.

7. Mobile dispenser shall be taken into terminal for loading after checking as per all the mandatory requirements.

8. Startup vendor to ensure complete emptiness of mobile dispenser before placing the mobile dispenser for loading at location.

9. Mobile dispenser will be loaded as per the safe filling capacity given in the PESO license and part load will not be permitted in any case.

10.Crew of mobile dispenser shall follow all the operational, security and safety Standard operating practices defined and displayed at the loading location premises from entry, loading and till exit from the loading location.

11.Product delivery at the loading point shall be made through MFM/PD-meter and delivered volume at natural of PD-meter/MFM shall be taken as final.

12.Loading location will ensure Q&Q of product loaded to the mobile dispenser on Ex-Marketing installation (Ex-MI) basis only.

13.Authorized Crew/representative of the startup vendor will sigh and acknowledge the product loaded for its quality and quantity.

14.In addition to above, startup vendor and its authorized crew/representative will follow instructions/guidelines issued by location from time to time.

15.Upon completion of all above process, the mobile dispenser shall be allowed to leave the terminal premises.

16.The above process will be repeated for loading of mobile dispenser on reporting for next loading.


Disclaimers: Contents in this page are for knowledge purposes and presented for our visitors to educate and share knowledge about Scheme of Door to Door Diesel delivery startup issued by Govt of India and OMCs. Contents may not be updated here, so we recommend to visit govt portal or OMC's website or Consult with OMC office for more detals. visitor may update us with any mistake in contents or suggestion at 

We as a consultant help our client to incorporate startup entity and assist all way to smoothly starts their business. 


On-Demand Fuel Delivery


On-Demand Diesel Delivery,


fuel delivery startup


diesel delivery startup


On Demand Fuel Delivery

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